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Alvaro Soler

Más que verano Tour 2024

With well over five billion combined audio and video streams, over 150 gold and platinum awards and over six million monthly Spotify listeners, Alvaro Soler is one of the most successful Latin pop stars in Europe today. His signature sound – somewhere between passionate emotionality and instantly gripping pop with Latin genre influences – inspires a global audience between Buenos Aires and Berlin, Stockholm and São Paulo. Not only writing and singing all the songs himself, but also playing various instruments and co-produces every track, Alvaro now presents a new version of his very personal, modern interpretation of Latin pop. The first preview of his newly defined style can be heard in his upcoming single ‘Muero’, which combines contemporary, elegant production with eclectic sound elements and lots of positive vibes. It´s a modern, catchy, feel-good track with groovy guitar and danceable beats that moves somewhere between disco and Latin pop. How does Alvaro Soler sound in 2023 – in his own words? ‘He sounds bold, modern, mature, curious,’ says the singer and musician. ‘It just sounds good. And maybe a little mysterious. In the last few months, I’ve created some very beautiful songs that are a little different from my other work. I think my fans will be pleasantly surprised!’

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